Catelli's is a landmark, third generation restaurant located in the heart of Sonoma County between the breathtaking hills of Dry Creek and Alexander Valley

Catelli's was originally opened in Geyserville around 1936 by Italian immigrants Santi and Virginia Catelli.  The restaurant was originally known as Catelli’s "The Rex" (the "king" as translated from Latin).  Third generation Catellis and siblings, Domenica and Nicholas Catelli, are now co-owners.  Located in Geyserville in Sonoma County, the menu highlights ingredients from local and organic farmers as well as over 100 local wines.  Led by executive chef, author, and media personality, Domenica Catelli, original items such as handmade ravioli are paired with new bright creations such as “The Pasta of the Moment.”  Catelli’s has a rich history with the local community, where generations of families have eaten, celebrated, and created memories throughout their lives.

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