Mexican CRAVE Tickets - May 7, 2018


Mexican CRAVE Tickets - May 7, 2018


CRAVE is a Catelli's pop-up family style dinner with a set menu.

On Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:30pm, Catelli's is hosting a Jalisco-inspired Mexican CRAVE for $60 per person (Tax & gratuity included.  Drinks are separate).


First Course

Jalisco Vuelve a la vida:  wild shrimp, calamari,
oyster marinated in lime, jalapeno, cilantro

Taquitos: Bernier Farm potato with salsa verde

House Made Chips and salsas


Second Course

Carnitas Loza style

Frijoles charos with housemade chorizo

Wood grilled chicken adobo

Some sort of Veg


Third Course

Mexican chocolate budino


*menu may change at chefs discretion based on availability

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