Nonnie’s Minestrone Cup $4.50 Bowl $6.95

Based on Virginia’s original recipe. Hearty soup filled with cannellini, navy, garbanzo beans and veggies finished with Parmesan

Organic Truffle Fries $9.50

Organic house-cut fries tossed in truffle oil, lemon zest, red chili flake, salt, pepper, Italian parsley & Parmesan cheese

Burrata & Prosciutto $14.95

Triple cream mozzarella, grilled bread with Dry Creek Olive Oil, Italian prosciutto & wild arugula

Garlic Bread $6.95

Jack’s Covelo Beef Meatball Sliders $12.95

3 mini sliders with tomato sauce, organic free-range Covelo beef, house made pork sausage and a bit of Parmesan

Fried fresh Monterey Bay calamari $12.95

served with a tomato and garlic dipping sauce (available spicy)

Fresh Clams $14.50

Red or white sauce, garlic and herbs

Catelli’s Salad $5.95 / $10.50

Organic chopped romaine, garbanzos, celery, carrot and Catelli’s original house dressing

Basil Caesar $6.95 / $11.95

Organic romaine and escarole with basil, house-made croutons and our lemon-parmesean dressing

Kale Salad $10.95

Organic kale, Meyer lemon, preston walnuts, parmesan, house made croutons, blood orange

Beet Salad $6.95 / $11.95

Slow roasted organic beets with Belgian endive & arugula

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